6 Tips to Make Your #Natural Hair Twist Out Last

Twist outs are one of the more popular hair styles for naturals. If you’ve been natural for a while and have noticed some growth, your twist out is probably full of life and gets a lot of heads turning too!

But twist outs are kind of like that friend who comes over, eats all the food, and then just dips! For whatever reason, a lot of women can’t seem to keep their twist out from twisting out.

Not to fret. TGIN has your solution. Here are some quick tips to help make your twist out last.

1. Make smaller twists

For the natural newbies, who don’t have that much hair to begin with, this may seem a bit much. But this is a sure fire way to help make curl definition and also help make sure your twist out last longer.

2. Oils of Pomemades

By using a natural oil or pomemade to your twists while unraveling your twists will cut down on frizz.

3. Refreshing the twist out

If your twist out already looks as though its on its way out, and you don’t feel like going through the whole process again, apply a light leave-in and twist your hair into larger sections at night and unravel your hair in the morning.

4. Silk Bonnet or Silk Scarf

Sleeping with a silk bonnet and or a silk scarf will also to help minimize frizz and breakeage.

5. Wet Hair

If your hair is wet, twist it with a cream-based product so it can seal in moisture. By doing this, it will also help you to lock in definition for a longer period of time.

6. Dry Hair

Make sure your hair is completely dry before taking out your twists. If you’re looking for a less-defined, fluffy look, you’ll want to take your twists out before they completely dry. However, for a more defined look that will last longer, you’ll want to be sure that your twists are fully dry before unraveling them.

*** Bonus: Use an aloe based gel product that will give you good hold. I like to use Shea Moisture for moisture, but Organic Lock and Twist Gel for hold. I’ve also heard great things about Zerran’s gel. Aloe vera gel by itself will give you some hold, but not the kind you need for a lasting look.

There you have it ladies. It’s just that easy. Six quick simple tips and one bonus. Follow these rules, and you’ll be golden!

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