Natural Remedies For Dark Spots

Before purchasing expensive, and often times harsh, dark spot treatments, look in your own pantry or refrigerator for one of these natural lightening remedies instead. All of these natural remedies can be used on the regular and can show great results for any skin tone.



Potato juice is used as a natural lightening agent. Either press raw potatoes into juice or cut a slice of potato to rub directly over dark spots, using the soft inside (not the skin). You can leave on dark spots for around 20 minutes before rinsing off.


Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) can be used as a natural toner. Dilute 2 parts water to 1 part ACV and rub the solution over dark spots or over entire face. You can do this regularly or as needed for a more even skin tone.



Lemon is known for its natural bleaching properties. Apply lemon juice to dark spots using a cotton swab. Allow to fully dry before rinsing off. Lemon juice also works for lightening dark underarms, elbows and even hair.




Similar to lemon, cucumber also can be used as a bleaching agent. Apply cucumber juice to dark spots, let dry, and then rinse off. This can be done on a regular basis until you notice desired results.



Orange Peel

Dried orange peel can be used to make a lightening paste. After the peel has dried, mash into a powder. Mix powder with milk or water until you’ve got a pasty consistency. Apply to dark spots as needed and use like a regular face mask. Rinse off when completely dry.


Aloe Vera 

The medicinal properties of aloe vera help sooth and heal skin while treating dark spots at the same time. Daily application of pure aloe gel will lighten up dark spots for a noticeably smoother complexion while moisturizing your skin.


What is your favorite natural remedy for your skin? 

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